Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sorry, Not Sorry

I really love this. Like, really really love this. I saw it a while back, and I keep thinking about it.
I recognize that I've historically walked around in my life doing exactly this, apologizing for so much, when what I'm really trying to do is say "Thank You".
At times, it feels like I'm apologizing for my very existence, for taxing the folks around me with my various and sundry needs, my ups and downs, my presence and absence in your life.
I'm certain this stems from this faulty belief that I am not enough (good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, kind enough, patient enough, wealthy enough, blah blah blah.)
I call BULLSHIT on myself. No more apologizing for not being enough. I am enough; in fact, I'm MORE than enough! (And SO ARE YOU, by the way.)
I say THANK YOU for calling me on it, should I forget. And I say THANK YOU for your patience, understanding, and love.
Consider yourself hugged. heart emoticon

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