Thursday, January 14, 2016


Before, I dreamed of tomorrows
That have not yet become todays
I wonder which seeds, joys or sorrows
Were past planted, took root, and might stay.
Did I sow those seeds in better times
In dreams, and trust, and bliss
Or buried my essence with darker thoughts
And with faithless heart, insist.
One day, each seed in the heart blooms
Called forth and nurtured by breath
Revealed in their truth, they demand
A life before their own death.
Today, I choose a new dream
Scatter fresh seeds to sacred ground
In a fertile heart of hopefulness
And await a great joy to abound.
So bring on the rains of my gladness
To wash from me stains of all doubt
For my dreams today call forth Beauty
Letting this Love in my heart ring out.

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