Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Have you ever heard of "blackout poetry"? I hadn't until recently. My dear hubs sent me a link and told me that he thought I'd be good at it. Time passed, and the link remained unviewed. So, he asked me again when I was feeling sad this week and urged me to give it a try.

He really does know me so well. He knows that I need a creative outlet. He knows, even when I am too modest to claim it, that I'm good with words. I have a poetic heart. (After lots of therapy, I'm getting closer to the place where I can say that without sarcastic laughter.) 

Words and I get along. :-)

So, blackout poetry is where you take something already written, such as a page from a book, newspaper, or in the case, a magazine. You select the message you'd like to express (or perhaps it chooses you?), and you black out the rest. 

Here's my first attempt. Hubs said it's long compared to what's usually done, but... it's my first attempt. It is what it was meant to be, I suppose. 

"I align with the life of the God in all.
I love to be present in the moment.

I'm witnessing the dawn of me.
I live in faith that just BEING is Grace.

My prayers right now, receive
and touch a mystery, a wilderness
of human experience.

They are all real."

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