Saturday, August 9, 2014

An Exceptional Day...

Jennifer Pastiloff is a strong, dynamic, soulful person and an amazing writer. I've been inspired by her work for some time. She led a yoga-tastic-heart-expansive-beauty-hunting-excursion within today, a workshop punctuated by sweat, tears, dancing, and interlaced with love. It was just what I needed - of course, the Universe's perfect timing.

She gave us an assignment to write ourselves a letter in the voice of someone who loves us. It was wonderful to hear this beautiful group of people read their letters, the celebration of the beauty of how WE ARE ALL WORTHY AND LOVED.

My letter, happened to be from my dog Guinness. Those who know him, probably can't help but smile. For those who don't, maybe you'll smile anyway.

I was honestly floored that Jennifer wanted to film this and post it on her page - but I'll take it as a message from the Universe (and from Jennifer) that I shouldn't pooh-pooh my writing.

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